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Get the CLI

The Wayfinder CLI allows you to interact with Wayfinder from your terminal and within continuous integration pipelines. All features of Wayfinder can be accessed equally from the UI and CLI.

CLI download links#

See the Release Notes to find the CLI download links for the Wayfinder version and operating system you need. Download links are shown under every supported version.

Get the CLI#

To get the Wayfinder CLI:

  1. Find the CLI download link for the OS and Wayfinder version you need in the Release Notes.
  2. Download the CLI binary and place it in a temporary location.
  3. Make the binary executable.
  4. As root, move the binary to a location defined in your path, for example /usr/local/bin.

Alternatively, you can copy and run the commands below, replacing v1.0.0 and darwin with the version and OS you want to download:

VERSION=v1.0.0OS=darwincurl -L$VERSION/wf-cli-$OS-amd64 --output /tmp/wfchmod +x /tmp/wfsudo mv /tmp/wf /usr/local/bin/wf

In the above example, you:

  • Download the v1.0.0 CLI binary for darwin OS to a temporary directory.
  • Make the binary executable.
  • Use root to move the executable to your /usr/local/bin directory.

To find help for any command, run wf help command, for example, wf help create cluster.

Last updated on Jan 19, 2022